Tuesday, March 01, 2011

one down...

taadaa my first Me-Made-March outfit, and of course it had to be the skirt I was wearing last week!

(Can you tell the trickiest part was getting a photo?
It was this or one I took using mirror in the lift at work, where I'm wearing my concentrating face and holding up my iphone haha we'll have to work on that!)

It's a super simple gore skirt using a similar pattern to this one.

My favourite part of the outfit though is that little brooch....

I bought it in Cambridge - with a tortoiseshell and a little black & white guy like my two I just couldn't leave it behind!

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  1. But I LOVED the elevator photo!

    You've reminded me to load my photos - Scott took some this morning but it was so early and SO DARK. Will have to do some bad photoshopping.

    P.S Love the skirt AND the brooch!

  2. You look ever so swish and modelly!! I love the brooch, it is a Must Have!!

  3. basics, like this skirt are great, aren't they?! Congratulations on the great start of MMM!


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