Monday, September 19, 2011

UQT week

After a week of birthday crafting, this week I've decided to dedicate my crafty time to quilting - mum is coming to visit next week, and there are a couple of unfinished quilt tops (UQTs!) kicking around here that I would like to have finished by then in case I need a hand with the next step of basting etc.

This lovely autumny one only needs borders added, and of course there is the country time baby quilt I have been working on pretty much all year - all the embroidery is done, it just needs the other blocks cut and sewing up!

Stay tuned!



  1. Good luck finishing off those UQTs! I have some FQTs that I need to B and Q!

  2. Oh, good luck,you mum will be a handy person to have around at Quilt Finishing time!!

  3. Good luck getting everything finished - this quilt looks beautiful.


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