Thursday, December 01, 2011

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Still no Christmas pudding around these parts (totes missed stir-up Sunday this year!) but I am ready for advent with a calendar (or two!)

I have bought some beautiful calendars from the advent calendar lady (not her real name) at the Scandi Christmas Bazaar over the past few years, and the one I picked up last weekend (I went along with Suzy - we had a lovely time!) is no exception! I just adore these old fashioned glittered wintry Christmas market scenes - much nicer than the chocolatey ones in most of the shops I think!

I also picked up an advent Christmas card for one of my sisters - spookily enough the day after I posted hers off one arrived for me from her! (Is that not some impressive sisterly psychic connection?)

In case that isn't enough adventy-goodness, after seeing some of my friends are playing along, I've also signed up for Car's Advent Blog-A-Long! I'll be trying to blog a little something (probably mostly Christmassy, but sometimes not) each day in the lead up to Christmas. I think this could be a fun way of recording for myself what we do here across busy December, as well as sharing Christmassy goings on with my bloggy friends. I can't wait to see what everyone else gets up to - I love to hear about others' traditions for celebrating - if you're interested you can see the list of participants, or even sign up to play along too - here.

Happy advent peeps!


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  1. I always get so much more inspired about Christmas reading your blog! Glad you've joined in with the advent thingalong


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