Sunday, December 04, 2011

4 :: adventskranse

I guess since I've already confessed that stir-up Sunday snuck up on me this year (I finally made my puddings today!) it would be no surprise that the first Sunday of Advent also saw me not quite ready with one of my favourite (non-food!) Scandi Christmas traditions - the adventskrans!

Adventskrans literally means Advent wreath, and is a decoration with 4 candles - one for each Sunday in Advent.

don't mind that wonky candle at the back there - I found the trusty blu-tack right after I took this!

This year is the first year that my adventskrans has been in the shape of a 'krans' - I picked up this pretty star candle holder at Bed Bath and Table a few weeks ago, and it is just perfect. Previously I've used the tealight candles in jars like in the picture in this post - which I still love.

There are some really lovely ideas for adventskranse around - some of the ones in this blog post are super pretty, and the one Suzy had last year is one of my favourites ever!
If you've made an adventskrans let me know in the comments I'd love to see (it's never to early to collect inspiration for next year ;o))!


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  1. What a lovely (new to me) tradition...candles are so pretty and especially if you find such lovely candle holders. x


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