Friday, October 20, 2006

running in heels

here's something a bit odd about bus drivers.
I always suspected they got a perverse pleasure out of seeing people running desperately for the bus. This hypothesis gathered some weight this week when, after being unexpectedly held up in the supermarket (how do i always end up in that checkout???) I came around the corner to the bus interchange to see the bus ready to leave.
I teetered across the street, the best 'run' I could manage in my blue suede butterfly wedges (with the added degree of difficulty of having the jar of simmer sauce crashing against the vino in the same shopping bag), to be greeted by:
"that's cute" from the bus driver.
"Excuse me?"
"You know, chicks running in heels"
hmmm ok

This morning I even began to wonder whether some of them leave a minute early just so they can see people scrambling desperately towards them. At every stop there was at least one person who had to run (including me!), surely it's more likely that the bus was early than that a whole suburb was running late, isn't it?
Thank goodness this guy was one of the ones who stop, some of them just drive on by.

Since it's Friday that's probably a good place to start with some of the other things I've been thankful for, or enjoyed this week:

- the Boy =)

- Sunday night

- the first 'I love living in Canberra' (sometimes known as 'hey maybe living in Canberra isn't so bad' by the less enthusiastic) Sunday afternoon of the season (these are those gorgeous sunny afternoons where every single person in the city can be found sitting outside either a pub or cafe, often with some live music going on. It is closely related to the 'Beer garden afternoon' mentioned last week)

- walking to the bus though the car park so I can count how many Vespa's are parked with the motorcycles

-realising that I count how many Vespa's are parked with the motorcycles every day even though there is usually only one. (I only realised this on Tuesday when I got excited that there were two!!)

- Dinner at Lemon Grass

- Finally getting the chance to try out my new sewing machine

- Having a sewed FO that I'm not embarassed to be seen in public with, and only 3 days after first setting up the machine =)

- getting to leave work by 4:30 every day for a whole week

- holiday skin and summer glow

- pub lunch with friends from work

hope your friday is fab too =)
besos =)

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