Sunday, January 21, 2007

Have yarn will craft...eventually

This week has been hot hot hot h-o-t HOT!
In fact, I have avoiding using my computer for fear that:

a) my fingers would melt to the keyboard; or

b) there would be sweat. lots of sweat. I've heard what diet coke across a keyboard will do to a laptop. I'm sure all that sweat wouldn't be much kinder.

Today, thank goodness, there has been a bit of a break in the weather - it was supposed to get to 35 but peaked at 29 at around 10am (and being Sunday... well, I don't see a whole lotta am Sundays)

We're forecast to sit around 30 for the next week or so, that's not too bad so long as it cools down at night.

Actually I'm pretty sure that a lot of the issue with the heat is psycological - the minute you hear 35 you're sure you are going to die, but often if you haven't had any idea then its a surprise that it was soooo hot.
I'm sure I've heard of a conspiracy by some government or another to never have the temperature reported at higher than 26 degrees.
I guess perhaps that's point beyond which morale spirals.
And tourism.

Last Sunday I played a little hide-and-seek with my yarn stash (perhaps there was too much sugar, Bertie).

Mostly it was hidden somewhere amongst our collective and randomly packed belongings, and I had to find it.

WIPs that had found their way into garbage bags for moving weren't to hard to find - the moment you pick up the bag then there's the needles shooting out through the side of the bag, looking to embed themselves in any flesh within reach.

Apart from that there was a lot of me tipping boxes of goodness-knows-what other stuff out all over the living room floor, muttering to myself "there must be more" "I know that pale blue mohair is around here somewhere" "it is impossible that I only own 17 pairs of knitting needles there must be more more more!!!" whilst the boy stood by the door of the 'study' becoming increasing pale as the pile of yarn grew increasingly, well, increased, "more? are you sure you have more than this?"

Once I was satisfied that I had uncovered most of what was there (well, I still haven't found that pale blue mohair!) I went through and tidied the yarn into piles according to whether it was allocated to a project, left over from a project, or just looked pretty with something else.

There's a couple of piles there that belong to WIPs that have been on my side bar since... well... let's just say I got sick of seeing the lack of progress and have hidden that one for now!
By the window are the 'patchwork blanky' and 'couch throw', then there's poor 'veronica' (the knitting is finished, I just have to do the handle), and a crocheted scarf from the 'Happy Hooker' book.

The hawk-eyed reader may have noticed, in the corner there, the missing granny squares! hurrah.
These were some of the last guests to arrive at the yarn party, and its actually a little embarassing.

You see, when I was moving things over here I decided it would be a good idea to keep the craft things together in the cupboard in the 'study'.
You know, that whole putting things in a safe place so you'll be able o find them later?
Yep - never ever works.

I always manage to outsmart myself with that one (you would not believe how many times I have looked over and over through the various piles of clothing on my bedroom floor for something I really want to wear with no luck at all until a week later when I open my cupboard door, and there it is, just hanging there all washed and maybe even ironed!!! grr argh)

So there's (most of) my stash.
Mind you, it has been (as I may have mentioned) way too hot to even consider standing next to wool (or any kind of wool like substance), let alone knitting with it.

Let me tell you - this week I have been super grateful for knitting cotton!

One of thos little piles of projecty goodness up there is something new I'm doing with some cotton I bought this week.
Unfortunately, any further information on this project is classified.

Let's just say this: if you are a member of my immediate family (say.. a sister maybe) and you have a birthday soonish (when you're gift knitting March is soon) and would perhaps be the kind of person drawn to accessories of the red and blue variety, if you don't like my knitting, and wouldn't like a hand crafted gift, then now is a good time to speak up, because anyone who doesn't is going to hades! (rah! scared you didn't I hehe). Ok that's if you drop the Spirit Stick, but still....I'd be carefull just incase.

You can see there with the 'project top secret' some fab reading material I picked up during week too.
Yarn magazine, which is into its second year, but I have just now stumbled across (oooh yes, my finger is like totally on the pulse).

And the cupcakes.
They wouldn't leave me alone.
I had to give in.
I can definately see having lots of project spectrumy fun with that one...
At the bottom you can see I've started already...

More about that tomorrow (ooh the mystery hehe)
We have a tres exciting week lined up here
- tomorrow the Boy has his first day at his new job
- I'm going to have a teeny tiny mole removed from my arm (stitches though, guys dig stitches right?)
- NCIS is back on tv on Tuesday (fingers crossed ten don't kill it like last season ugh)
- Tuesday is also the day thet the next episode of Veronica airs! wooh!
- No work on Friday - hurrah Australia day! which also happens to be
- the Boy's birthday!!!!

I thought I could make him cupcakes.
When I asked what sort of cake he wanted he said he wanted a pizza.
With candles.
Do I assume he's joking?



  1. Guys never joke about pizza (yeah, that sounds believable) or candles (hmmm, more of a stretch) :)


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