Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A case of the same sames

Despite the excitement of having a nearly nekkid Russell shimmying across my computer screen in his tightey whities, the weekend was really one of those weekends.

You know, the weekends where you're so desperate to do something, anything, but nothing seems interesting enough that you could be bothered putting in the effort required to get off the couch and do it.

Where you would love to cast on a new exciting knitting project but aren't quite sure what. And so you stare at your stash, and thumb through all your patterns (or browse through all 1358 gloves/mittens, 3335 cardigans and 1022 vests ravelry has to offer) without finding what you want.

Then you go to the supermarket to pickup something for dinner and buy Thai Lime and Ginger flavoured chips because, although it seems like a weird flavour for a chip, at least if you buy a new chip flavour you'll feel like you're Doing Something Different.

Yeah, those kind of weekends...

I'm sure I'm always like this as summer slides into autumn.
Perhaps its the sudden realisation that the days are 'already' getting shorter and darker.
Or maybe its because the change of season is so exaggerated outdoors that it makes life seem to freeze - leaves change and drop with the temperature almost overnight but inside everything is the same.
The same as yesterday.
The same as last week.
The same as last year.
Same same.

I guess everyone develops their own coping mechanisms for these moods.

I find baking something with sprinkles on the top helps. (Seriously show me someone who says sprinkles don't cheer them up and I'll show you a liar...) ;)

This weekend it was chocolate weetbix slice.

I have to say, weetbix are either much smaller or much soggier than they used to be (back in my day) - I used the same old recipe as 15 years ago, but there was no crunch in these babies at all (I guess sometimes the same old is different) ;)

Today I've taken a day off work - there's still something a bit exciting and naughty about being at home on a school day.

My work is fairly repetitive - each year we make three passes through the same 17 week cycle, with the same pattern of ebb and flow of the workload. I'm fortunate that I rarely have to take sick days, but occasionally its nice to break it up with a 'mental health day'.

And since the weekend was so 'meh', and our next cycle starts tomorrow, today seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a day out of it for myself

I've left the knitting alone for a few days - instead using the bus time to do some reading, and today working on my February and March blocks for the monthly 12" block CAL (check it out at Craftster or on Ravelry)
I think I'll stick with the granny squares the next couple of days - soon it will be time for them to retire for the footy season.

And, besides, I'm sure to see something to bring back my knitting inspiration at S'n'B on Thursday night =)

What do you do to get yourself out of a same same funk?


  1. you're right, you know. Doing something different, for the sheer sake of difference, is often the key. You look up and notice something new about the world, maybe.

    And the sprinkles statement is absolutely true!

  2. well... i guess i bid on wacko amounts of yarn at online auctions >.< but sprinkles sounds less intensive which is probably a good thing:)

  3. Just the word "sprinkles" makes me happy.

    I tend to trawl ravelry and look at what everyone else is doing. Then I pick a fight with annoying people on Rav. And then I go online and buy yarn. Then I nlog about the guilts I have.

    The end.

  4. On bleah days I try to make myself move (go for a walk), or else hide in bed and read, or watch something funny, or play some music (on the piano, or on a CD player). I try to avoid the computer cos I spend most of my week stuck in front of it, but sometimes I do trawl the 'net, or do some 'Stumbling'.

    I do like your sprinkles plan, though!

  5. After spending all but 4 years of my total life at school, with timetables and structure, it has taken me quite a while to adapt to a life where every day is the same. No work, no real places to be every day, no landmarks. It is very strange.
    Yes, weetbix are smaller and less crunchy. I totally agree!!
    It's Hundreds and Thousands here: we're not a sprinkles place!!! Fairy Bread makes me Very Happy!!


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