Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nigella on the go

Mmmm like I said, I've had the baking bug.

These babies were inspired by a search for at work, on the go, sustenance.
You see, someone around here, when they're busy at work, doesn't eat. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! (I think we all know we're not talking about me, yeah?)
Anyway, said person promises they eat if they have a packed lunch, but just forgets to go out and get something... so the search was on for something to fill the lunch box.

I figured, as far as lunch box stuffers go, I couldn't go wrong starting off with a breakfast bar, and when my Google search gave me Nigella I couldn't say no (ha, there I go again!).

Taadaa!!! Nigella's breakfast bars (from Nigella Express)

I followed the recipe almost exactly here - just adding some vanilla and cinnamon with the condensed milk (oooooh condensed milk!).

That said, this is the perfect recipe for customising, to suit your own tastes (or pantry contents!) - you could easily substitute any dried fruits for the cranberries or use some other kind of nuts than peanuts.

Oh, I love that Nigella!
Now, let's see if I have some left in the back of the fridge ;)


  1. I love these! I made them a while back and loved them. Must do them again!

    Sean looked over my shoulder and said, 'can we go to Kuka's house?'

    Guess what I'll be making soon?

  2. Oh yum - they just went on my list for the weekend - for lunchboxes! Yum!


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