Thursday, July 10, 2008

maybe just a half a drink more...

I'm letting go of the cold thing... really.
I mean, it's the middle of winter.
So what if the apparent temperature lingers at about -1C FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!!
Best incentive I've ever had to take a packed lunch to work (so not going outside - even with those wooly snowflakes and squirrels warming my hands!)

Besides, a chilly kitchen is just crying out for the oven to be cranked up, and what better excuse than a quick batch of cuppies?

I whipped up a dozen of these wintery cupcakes - icy blue icing topped with a white chocolate snowflake - for a work afternoon tea tomorrow... mmmm

This guy is pictured atop my gorgeous new cake stand - a gift from G for knitting up a seamless baby kimono for her.

G's mum wasn't sure what to get - but could she have picked a more perfect piece for my kitchen??
It even matches perfectly with the tablecloth and placemats I had on the kitchen table when they arrived on Sunday arvo!

Speaking of the pale blues and creamy whites, have you noticed a theme here?
It seems this week that suddenly the blue and cream combination is everywhere I look!

It's also flowing on to the knitting.

This is the premmie cardy I started on the weekend.
That pale blue feathersoft is so delicious!
I do have a few things to say about this little pattern, but I think I'd prefer to wait until I'm all done.
It is totally precious though - every time I look at that tiny little cardy it just blows my mind that a person can be so teeny tiny!!
It must be terrifying!

Stay warm now, won't you... ;-)



  1. You stay warm too, my lovely! The plethora of blue in your post is so beautiful!

  2. Oh yes the premmie thing - my daughter's far too big 0000s now live on her dolls!


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