Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week ended

It's raining outside tonight - perfect staying inside and not going anywhere (for example work tomorrow - just saying) weather.

The rain sounds lovely on the roof - we haven't even had a roof for a while (there was a flat above us where we were living before) - and the courtyard right outside of our bedroom has a corrugated plastic roof which gives us the pitter patter rainy sound even louder and clearer.

We've had a lovely quiet weekend, but somehow I always feel like I could use just one more day of weekend to get myself together - last week was a little bit crazy, a little bit busy, and it's like just as I'm really unwinding its time to re-wind up again.

Today was Civic S'n'B - and it was fabulous. There were so many of us that we had to divide into two groups - we wouldn't all fit around the fireplace where we usually sit.

I caught up on the latest progress from le Tour KAL, admired a couple of recently finished shrugs, talked sunnyboys (yes we love our sunnyboys, ok? ;)), and met a(nother) Canberra blogger (JustJess - go by her blog and say hi =))

I also worked on some teeny tiny sleeves. As you can see, I now have a couple more to get done =)
I knit most of this little yellow jersey up last night (after making a mess of it on Tuesday) whilst watching a film (Good.Very good. Better than I expected. Robin Williams is hilarious) and a football game.

In fact, I probably could have made a dent in the sleeves last night too, but, well, let's just say the footy went somewhat pear-shaped and things got a bit ugly. Too ugly for knitting something so little and cute - if I'd continued I'm sure there was the risk that the eventual recipient would into a right little potty-mouth.

Seriously though, this is an easy, fast, cute little knit and I am enjoying it - despite some ughs last week.

And so another week is gone.
The coming week is looking good, the highlight looks like being schnitzel and encrusted mousse on Tuesday - won't you join me, fellow Canberra Knitters? =)


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  1. It's always nice to catch up with fellow knitters. I always look forward to such gatherings. Have a good week.


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