Saturday, March 26, 2011

Me-Made-March update :: days 14 to 26

I'm excited to show you the lovely books I picked up at the book fair today, but first I am way overdue for a Me-Made-March update!

Today I wore the famous pony dress which I am not sure I have ever actually showed in full on the blog here - if so I can't find it!
The pattern is New Look 6586 (which I believe is out of print), and I used a pony print quilting cotton.

I'm also wearing the brooch I made at Brown Owls last weekend - I've been in brown and gold in support of the Hawks, with the AFL season having kicked off this weekend (not that it did them much good...)

And here are my me-mades for days 14 to 25 (click on the days underneath to see the details on flickr):
1. March 14, 2. March 15, 3. March 16,
March 17, 5. March 18, 6. March 19,
March 20, 8. March 21, 9. March 22,
March 23, 11. March 24, 12. March 25

My me-made wardrobe has mostly been made up of my black gore skirt, and purple and grey circle skirts - I do have hopes for at least one new me-made for next week =)


more me-made-March goodness over in the flickr group!


  1. You are doing such a fabulous job with your MMM!! I love your pony dress!!!

  2. I love that you're brave enough to make an entire dress from a pony print. It's just so cool!

  3. Yet another awesome MMM post - how are you feeling now that it's getting closer to the end?


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