Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 :: project sizzles

Today was little E's 3rd birthday party, and I was very honoured to be making her birthday cake!

I have to say, I LOVE doing kids birthday cakes, not that I have done that many, of course, but I just think it is so much fun! I've talked before about how much I love Women's Weekly birthday cake book and I think after all the time my sisters and I used to spend looking at all those lovely cakes it's very exciting to have the opportunity to make something just as nice!!

Last year's cake was Dorothy the Dinosaur and the year before that the Hungry Caterpillar.

The current favourite is Charlie and Lola, so this year's cake had to be Sizzles! =)
Sizzles is two layers of vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream icing and was pretty delish (even if I do say so myself ;o)) .

The party was lovely - with bubbles and cake and a sausage sizzle, and swings...

this little guy is a friend of Suzy's

A perfect was to spend a gorgeous sunny spring Sunday morning!



  1. That cake is fabtastic, dude! Little Miss 3 is lucky to have you in her life, I reckon. We all are!

  2. Hi Bron, Sizzles turned out great - I'm inspired!! (My little girl's third birthday in two weeks, and the cake shortlisting is in progress). Lovely to meet you at Brown Owls on Saturday. Danielle

  3. Wow!!!!! That is spectacular. I had to show it to A1 and A2 and they said it is awesome- younger super clever!


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