Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I don't want to gush, you know, I think, when it comes to live music, I gush too much?

But kd was brilliant - funny, friendly, quirky, charming, beautiful, entertaining. And that voice. She stands there barefoot on stage, and there's this voice. And I look from her to the speakers, and just can't believe that the voice is coming from that little person on the stage, you know?
And the voice is loud and strong and gentle and soft and round and warm and carries emotion so well you want to cry - and all that depth and variation is coming from that little person on the stage.
It is just amazing.

The entire set was divine, and it was incredible and touching to witness live performances of Hallelujah and The Valley (both from Hymns of the 49th Parallel)

I feel like we've been so lucky the past 6 months, with some really top acts including Canberra on there tours (despite being the capital we're small enough to get left out).
So thanks for coming, kd - you're welcome back any time!!


BTW, see the tickets there - row RR seats 46 and 47?
There were 4 of us together, seats 44 to 46, but when we arrived at the end of the row we could see there were only 3 empty seats where our four should have been.
So, I scooted across, cleared my throat, held out my ticket and said "um, sorry, excuse me, we have seat RR47 - maybe you're in the wrong row?"
"Sorry love - this is RR48"
Sure enough, we counted across RR - 45, 46, 48, 49... no RR47!!!
Luckily there was a spare seat at the end so everyone moved down one.
Can you believe it?? I swear there's a curse...

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  1. oh why why why did I not get off my arse and buy a ticket? :-( You go ahead and gush, Kuka. It helps me appreciate even more what I missed.


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