Monday, November 24, 2008

sew beary Christmassy.....

This is what I was looking for when I found my cookbook last night - my teddy bear advent calendar!

If you've been visiting since way back you might just recognise these guys as the ones responsible for keeping me sane during the three or so weeks I spent at home and off my foot after a leetle tumble I took nearly exactly two years ago.

I was pretty much done with the adventy numbers part, and since digging it out yesterday (oh, by the way, it was in the box of Christmas stuff, which was the last place I looked! Putting things away where they belong always ends in me outsmarting myself!) I've found the last number charm I needed and sewn up patchworky strips for the border.

If I'm done by Monday I'll show you what's behind door number 1! =)

ps go say hi to my friend Suzy Hausfrau - she's new to this blogging caper, but certainly a superior sewer to me, oh, and she bakes her own bread!


  1. Oh, that's so cute! Hurry up and finish it!

  2. oh yes, finish it!

    I didn't know you when you tumbled. Nasty photos! But impressive bruising.

  3. Oh cute little teddies! Good luck finishing it without needing another injury :)


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